On the evening prior to each "session" start we offer a free Sharpening Clinic and a Reception.

5pm to 6pm: Sharpening clinic - to be held in the same room we will be carving in which is called the "Kate Smith Room". It is located on the same level as the registration desk which is the walk in level from the rear parking lot. Jim O'Dea will have his sharpening machines there and help you get them sharp for class. See Jim's machines here. He will show you how to use power sharpening equipment and help you with your sharpening. Bring your tools and get them sharpened up before class start.

There will be some carving tools, gouges, knives, ABRANET, gloves, books, Ram rotary tools, and Colewood burners available for purchase during the sharpening clinic and classes. Some instructors may have their books, blanks, carvings and tools for sale as well.

7:00pm: Reception in the Hotel lobby area - Meet and greet your instructors and fellow carvers, with light snacks and beverages. Jim O'Dea will review the schedule with you, announce any changes to the generic schedule you see here, and answer general questions about the classes. He will discuss non-carver's touring options, classes and arrange a get together for the next morning. You can then get with your instructor for any specific questions you have and get to know everyone.

Each Day of Class

7:00am - Breakfast in the restaurant on lower level (Main St.), an area will be reserved for our Group

8am - Classes Start -this is approximate time, keep an eye on your instructor, when he or she leaves it is time.

Time as arranged - non-carvers meet in Lobby for tours and non-carving classes

11:45 - Lunch in the restaurant on lower level (Main St.), classes will be staggered every 10 minutes going to lunch.

12:30pm - Class resumes, this is approximate time, keep an eye on your instructor, when he or she leaves it is time.

4:30 - Class ends (or whenever you and instructor want it to)

Note 1: Classes are scheduled to end at 3pm on the last day, however anyone wanting to stay later and finish working on their project may do so. Many instructors stay over the last night themselves and may be available later than 3pm. If you need to leave earlier, let your instructor know so he can guide you thru the difficult parts before you leave.

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