The Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience

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The Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience


2019 Fall LPWE class events -2 sessions
9 September to 13 September
16 September to 20 September

Will be held at the historic Hotel North Woods, 2520 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946 The Hotel North Woods is located in the heart of this Village which has been home to both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Take a look at this wonderful facility here. Contact Ron Brenner, 518-302-5802 - at the Hotel, to make your Hotel package plan reservation and Jim O'Dea at for your class reservation

The hotel is the tallest building in this picture

What is this all about?

Welcome to woodcarving in Lake Placid - this will be the 9th year of the program at Hotel North Woods. If you have not been to Hotel North Woods in a few years you will be amazed at the results of the completed renovation of the hotel.

During the 2019 Fall LPWE events there will be a mix of 3, 4, and 5 day classes among the sessions so look closely at each class length. There should be time enough in all classes for most carvers to complete and paint or put a finish coat on the projects without feeling "rushed". Many classes are expected to have a low student to instructor ratio for maximum individual attention. Each class is priced differently and you pay the instructor directly for both instructional fees and blank fees. Some class may be appropriate for novice students where they can get very individualized attention, most such classes will say that. If you are unsure or would like to join a class anyway- feel free to contact Jim O'Dea or the instructor to discuss the class. The 2019 Fall LPWE classes include:
2 sessions

1st session - 9 Sept to 13 September
All class in this session start on Monday 9 Sept 2019 and end on different days
Carl Borst - "Dragons Head or Bear Cane"- 3 day class starting on Monday 9 Sept and ending on Wednesday 11 Sept
Dennis "Butch" Clark - "Golden Winged Warbler" - 5 day class. starting on Monday 9 Sept and ending on Friday 13 Sept
The Fall 1st session LPWE class description here.

2nd session - 16 Sept to 20 September
All class in this session start on Monday 16 Sept 2019 and end on different days
Al Jordan - " Northern Hawk Owl Miniature " - -5 day class - starting on Monday 16 Sept and ending on Friday 20 Sept
Ken Stuparyk - "Hooded Merganzer Drake " - -5 day class -This class is FULL, waiting list established - starting on Monday 16 Sept and ending on Friday 20 Sept
Kevin Applegate - "Caricature " - changed to a 3 day class - starting on Monday 16 Sept and ending on Wednesday 18 Sept
The Fall 2nd session LPWE class description here.

Fall 2019 LPWE Hotel Accommodations Package Plans -one price which includes your room, reception, plus breakfast and lunch each class day is available. Meet and greet your instructors and fellow carvers, with very light snacks and beverages. Hotel management will be on hand to welcome you and provide an overview of the Hotel's history and orient you to the Lake Placid area. There is also an optional spouse/companion reception, and meal plan. Check the Hotel North Woods web site for - Fall package plans, click here. Then contact Ron Brenner 518-302-5802 at the Hotel directly to make your package plan reservation.

Fall Commuter Plans for those not staying at the hotel (ie. RV's or from home, etc.) If you are not staying in a room at the hotel, you must have a "Commuter" Plan.For the Fall classes the package includes the hotel's class space usage fee plus the Reception, and Lunches only, for 3,4,& 5 day classes. Contact Ron Brenner 518-302-5802 at the Hotel to make your Commuter plan reservation.

Local RV parks include the KOA seen here and State Parks listed here Saranac Lake Islands here and Wilington Notch here. There may be more in the immediate area that I am not aware of, if so please bring them to my attention.

Classes start each morning at 8am to 4:30pm and winding down about 3pm on your last day for those heading home. In the Fall LPWE a breakfast (7:30 to 8am) and Lunch (12:00 to 12:30 pm) are provided on site for your convenience as part of a package plan for the classes. For dinner, you are free to explore the city with it's many fine restaurants within a few blocks walk or eat at the Hotel North Woods dining room.

Non-Carving Companion Activities: We will coordinate tours and site seeing for the non-carving companions whom wish to go as a group. Let us know when you register for the class with Jim O'Dea if you have someone coming that would be interested. There are many sights to be seen and your non-carving companion will have plenty to do and enjoy. See the many exciting things to do in Lake Placid here. .

There will be some carving tools, gouges, knives, ABRANET, gloves, books, Ram rotary tools, and Colewood burners available for purchase during the workshops. Some instructors may have their books, blanks, carvings and tools for sale as well.

How to make Fall LPWE Woodcarving Class reservations: email Jim O'Dea at and let Jim know what class you want. We don't expect large classes, but if there is a problem with max class size, Jim will contact you and work out an alternative or ensure you get a full Hotel Package refund. No deposit is required for class reservations. Class costs vary with specific classes so be sure to read the descriptions carefully noting any additional blank or roughout costs. Contact Jim O'Dea or the instructor with questions on the class content, the hotel staff will NOT have any info about any class. Age Requirement: Students should be at least 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to participate in a class unless their parent is also enrolled in the same class and under their supervision. Please note that Jim is often traveling and will have intermittent internet access with periods of up to a week without such access so please be patient in expecting a response. When time is of the essence, call him at 941-697-2002 cell. There is usually plenty of spaces available in all classes and in the unlikely event a class fills up it will be indicated so on the class description. You will be assigned a spot based upon the date/time stamp of your email to Jim so go ahead and send in your request and he will respond as soon as possible

The Weather at Lake Placid - while always great, details and a 10 day forecast are available by clicking here.

Pictures of the 2011 LPWE click here Pictures from the 2017 Fall LPWE can be seen here.

News articles about the 2011 event: for 2011 event click here.

Lake Placid is an upscale sight seeing destination for your non-carving companions as well as providing a great carving experience for you. Most Carving events are held in locations where there is not much to do for non-carving companions - this will be the exception!! Most carving events are in facilities with minimal room sizes and minimal dinning experiences - this will be the exception! The rooms at the Hotel North Woods are large, suite size rooms,VERY comfortable mattresses and the meals are fine dinning quality.

Lake Placid is located in the Adirondack Region of Northern New York State. This region is unlike any other area of the Northeastern United States, larger than many neighboring states, the Adirondack Region is a blend of quaint, friendly villages that are surrounded by millions of acres of forests. The forests are filled with hundreds of pristine lakes and ponds, endless miles of rivers and streams, and the famous Adirondack Mountains. We are known for our picturesque hiking and walking trails, wilderness paddling opportunities, unparalleled winter recreation where the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics were held, and year-round Adirondack hospitality. Just a short, easy drive from any east coast metropolitan center, we are closer than you think, and further from anything you can imagine! We encourage you to explore The Adirondack Region web site and our region, and plan your trip.

There is so much to see and do in Lake Placid and throughout Adirondacks Region, with so many different areas to visit, plan to come a few days early or stay a few days after, The Hotel will be glad to extend your stay at the same low room rate, just ask for the "extended woodcarver" rate.

For a "virtual tour" by boat of Lake Placid click here.

For a real boat tour try the Lake Placid Marina 518-523-9704 - Cruise pristine waters on a pontoon boat. Highlights of the $15 (adults) one-hour narrated tour which travels 16 miles and includes good views of the former summer residences of the singer Kate Smith, Victor Herbert and Johnny Weissmuller. The tours are available several time a day, May to Oct. Call for current schedule and pricing (518) 523-9704.

For a nature walk try "High Falls Gorge", an eight mile drive from Lake Placid seen here.

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  • Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship held in Waterloo, Ontario in March

  • Genesee Valley Woodcarvers competition and show - Rochester, New York in April

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