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LPWE 2nd Session September 2018
Please check class start and end dates carefully

Ken Stuparyk - "Green Wing Teal Hen" - -5 day class - C;ass starts on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Friday 21 Sept
Kevin Applegate - "Caricature " - 4 day class - - Class starts on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Thursday 20 Sept
Jim O'Dea - Fundamental of Power Songbird Carving - for the beginner/novice carver - 3 day class - starting on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Wednesday 19 Sept
Al Jordan - "Sharp-shinned Hawk and Chicks"- 6 day class Class starts on Monday 17 Sept ends on Saturday 22 Sept

All classes in this 2nd session start on Monday 17 September, plan to arrive on Sunday 16 September for the free sharpening session in the late afternoon and the Welcome Reception at 7pm. There may be some 3 day, 4 day and 5 day classes so check class descriptions closely to determine the # of days and start/ stop days.

You pay the Instructor personally the morning you start the class, cash preferred or a check, I don't know of any instructors that can accept credit cards - bring your PIN # so you can go to an ATM if necessary.

For class reservations - email Jim ODea at [email protected] your desires and provide snail mail address and phone #, no deposit required for class reservation. Contact Jim ODea or the instructor with questions on the class content, the hotel staff will NOT have any info about any class.

Ken Stuparyk - Green Wing Teal Hen...Improving Control & Increasing Confidence to Make Better Duck Decoys" - - 5 day class - starting on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Friday 21 Sept. To sign up for the class, email Jim O’Dea at [email protected]

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This class is for carvers who want to improve their ability to make better decoys in less time and with more enjoyment.

The carving portion will focus on achieving anatomically correct and pleasing looking decoys by using an easy to follow and repeatable systematic approach using power carving tools. First, attention will be given to the proper selection and the use of the tools. Second, we will focus on a sequential process that is easy to follow and that naturally guide carvers through each the next steps in the carving of their decoy. Combined, these two steps will help carvers to improve their control over their carving so that they will achieve the outcome that they desire with confidence.

The sequential process addresses critical duck anatomy issues that many carvers struggle with, including; carving to the round, tail shape, head front and side profile, bill shape and detail, eye set and shape, flow and shape, side pocket shape and accuracy.

Because this is a Gunner Style class and because the priority will be on carving, the painting portion will focus on providing carvers with skill and experience of fundamental brush painting techniques that can be applied to most species including; fan blending, wet blending, dry brushing, texturing (stipple, brush, iridescence). Painting will be done on a foam Teal decoy blank (provided as part of Materials Fee) to enable carvers to practice the techniques before applying the final paint to their carving after the class. However, if attendees have completed their carvings by Wednesday evening, they can choose to paint their bird instead of the foam blank. There will very limited airbrushing and the instructor will provide the airbrushes for this purpose.

Class Information: In this 5 day class, students will carve Green Wing Teal Hen (High Head) using a pattern created and provided by Tom Matus and then will paint a foam Teal study cast. The Green Wing Teal Hen was chosen because it requires and enables the full range of carving and painting skills listed above and is small in size enabling completion of the carving process in the time available. The instruction fee is $300 and carvers will be provided with cutout body and head blocks, eyes, paint blank and paint at a material cost of an additional $45. Class size will be limited to 6.

Instructor: Ken has been carving decoys for 25 years, competing in the Decorative, IWCA / Super Slick Style and Gunner Divisions. In 2015, he progressed to competing in the Masters’ Division at the Ward World’s Carving Competition, and in 2016 his Decorative Goldeneye Drake won the Best Diver in the Masters Class and his Ringneck Drake won the 2nd Best Decorative Smoothie award. He has over 15 Best In Shows including 2 Best of Shows at the Advanced Decorative at the Worlds in Ocean City, Best of Show at the Wildfowler’s Pool Contest at the ODCCA in 2015 and 2017 and the Ladies Day in the Pool Award in 2016 with a Canvasback Hen.

Over several years of judging competitions,Ken has observed that many novice and intermediate carvers could make significant improvements to their carvings by learning and applying key anatomical, carving and painting fundamentals using an easy to repeat stepped process. As proof, several of his students have gone on to win Best in Show competitions with wonderful birds of their own. He brings his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to this class to make for a fun and fact filled experience.

To sign up for the class, email Jim O'Dea at [email protected] For Information about this class contact Ken at [email protected] or 513 680 4660

Kevin Applegate - choice of several characters This is a 4 day class starting on Monday 17 September and ending on Thursday 20 September. Caricature - 4 day class: Total cost $165.00 includes one (1) rough out or blank. If you know what project you want, email Kevin at [email protected], to ensure he saves one for you. For class reservation email Jim O'Dea at [email protected]

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Class features a choice of several caricature bottle stoppers, small bust or small full body rough outs. Kevin's goal is to have participants complete their carving during the 4 days. Hand tools only will be used. Kevin has some loaner tools available. Painting will be accomplished so bring some brushes, paper towels, plate, hairdryer etc. Carvings completed by lunch on the 4 day will be painted. Kevin will provide the acrylic paints, participants should bring paint brushes and paper towels.

Al Jordan - "Sharp-shinned Hawk and Chicks"- 6 day class This is a 6 day class starting on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Saturday 22 Sept.

This years class consists of a female Sharp Shinned Hawk lying down with a fuzzy chick peeking underneath. The bird will be carved, textured, burned and highly detailed. As well it is painted to our highest ability. Some air brushing will be incorporated along with hand brushing.(an airbrush is not mandatory!) Cost is $400.00 plus a $50.00 materials fee. Al will contact you once you have signed up for the seminar.

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This seminar is set up for those who have some carving experience. It will be a very intense course with much to be learned. The course is designed around power carving, with some use of a Foredom and much work with an NSK, Gueswien, or RAM type high speed grinder. We all have our favorite diamond bits and kutzalls, so bring what works for you. Al will be using an airbrush, but one is not mandatory! However if you have one now would be a great time to learn. Reserve a spot in this class by emailing Jim O'Dea ( [email protected] )

Student need to bring: calipers, 320 and 400 grit sandpaper, dust collector , light, power cord & spliter, water bucket, paper towels, foredom with favorite wood removal bits, such as kutzalls or sanding mandrel, high speed micro motor, such as RAM, NSK or Guesswien, favorite diamond bit & cutters, burning system with fine tip and bent Guge burning tip, vice or holder, favorite paint brushes - I use a #4 round and 1/2 inch oval wash. Air brush set up - not mandatory. If you are flying in for class and need some loaner equipment, contact Al [email protected] and/or Jim [email protected]

Al has been carving for more than 20+ years, and has acquired nearly 100 best of show awards. Al finished Third in World 2017 with his Elf Owl which was taught as a class here in Lake Placid. He was the 2008 North American Shorebird Champion as well as the 2010 IWCA shorebird champion. Al is a highly sought after judge, instructor, a regular contributor to Wildfowl Carving Magazine and a published author. As well Al, is a licensed Master Falconer, fast becoming known as one of the best on the east coast. He may have one or more of his hawks here with us for the duration of the seminar.

Jim O'Dea - Fundamentals of Songbird Power Carving - this is a 3 day class Max of 3 students. Starting on Monday 17 Sept and ending on Wednesday 19 Sept. Cost is $155 which includes all materials and supplies needed - just show up.

I have altered my usual Fundamentals class to spend all 3 days on power carving fundamentals. I will cover the basics of songbird carving but students should not expect to go home with a finished bird - the class will focus on how to use the tools and we will cover all the basic techniques of songbird carving, no painting. Max of 3 students. For class reservations - email Jim O'Dea at [email protected]

All tools needed will be loaned to students but if you have any rotary power tools bring them so you can compare. I will have both the flexshaft type rotary tool for roughing out and the motor in handpiece type for detail work. I will also have some larger 2 inch and 4.5 inch grinder type of power tools to demonstrate for roughing out larger projects. I will have dust boxes for each student and masks. I will provide both Tupelo and Basswood blanks so students can get an appreciation for each type of wood. I will have an assortment of bits from roughout to detail for students to use. Some rotary tool units and bits will be available for sale after the class.

I will have a Colwood brand woodburner with appropriate pens for each student. They will also be for sale after the class.

Keep in kind, the focus of the class is an introduction to the tools and a process for carving songbirds. The actual project you go home with will reflect your learning curve and time spent gaining experience using rotary tools. I think you will be surprised how easy it is to get comfortable with these rotary tools once you are exposed to their use.

If you would rather do an animal than a Songbird let me know and I can have a Bear blank for you.

Recent songbird I power carved
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Jim O'Dea spends summers on Grand Island, NY and lives in Rotonda West, FL. Jim has 40+ years experience carving human caricatures, carousel horses, realistic freshwater fish, whales, songbirds and animals. He has taught woodcarving for 20 years, including the Lake Placid NY Woodcarving Experience, evening courses at Ledyard High School, Ledyard CT, weekend classes at the New England Carousel Museum in Mystic, CT; the New England Woodcarvers Retreat held in Rhode Island; the NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup in Honesdale,PA, The Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup at Evart, MI, the Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp, The Buckeye Woodcvarvers Roundup in Ohio, and numerous classes for the Mystic Carvers Club in Mystic, CT, Rainbow Woodcarvers Club in Niagara Falls, NY; the Southtowns Woodcarvers Club in Hamburg, NY; the Peace River Carvers Club in Arcadia, FL; the Myakka River Carvers Club in El Jobean, Fl, and the North Port Woodcarvers in Northport, FL.

For class reservations - email Jim O'Dea at [email protected] your desires and provide snail mail address and phone #, no deposit required for class reservation.

Questions about the Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience? students should contact Jim at [email protected] or call 941-697-2002 for further general info on the classes or the instructors directly for specific info, the hotel staff will NOT have any info about the classes. Don't forget you pay instructor directly for the class at class start - c ash or check.

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